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This blog is about my personal Jenny Journey. To share my experiences, hopefully to motivate and inspire others like me. If I can do it, so can you. So, please join me on my #journeytohalfofme!



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My Jenny Story

The last month has been a whirlwind for my family. We went from being on program on a path towards our weight loss goals to preparing for an unexpected addition to our family. Then once we were excited and ready for this new baby, it was gone. The words, "No heartbeat" replay in my head over and over again. I do not know why this happened, and that is the worst part. I have decided not to focus on the why's for now, because I know that it will not get me anywhere. Now, my focus returns to our Jenny journey and finishing what we've started. I am going to enter the Jenny Success story contest with my husband, but I wanted to share my story here first. This forum has played a huge role in my success on this journey, and I owe several of you credit, showing me that this journey is a difficult one, but it does work. So, thank you! @missbumble, @Yo_Momz, @SFMom, and so many others that I probably forgot (I'm sorry).

What inspired you to join Jenny Craig?

Our daughter was getting ready to graduate high school and we were at our local Dress Barn looking for dresses. While waiting for her to try on the dresses she found, I noticed an entry box for Jenny Craig. So, I entered. When I was notified that I had won a 3-month membership, I took it as a sign and agreed to hear more about it. During my initial consultation I was offered the unclaimed grand prize which was a year membership with $100 off the food, I gladly accepted. Next, they offered my husband the prize that I had won. I took this win as a sign, and that we needed to take full advantage of it; that is what we did.

What goals did you set for yourself and how did you achieve them?

Tricia: The long-term goal that I set for myself was to lose half of myself. I was starting this program at 278.4 pounds and at goal I am going to weigh 130, for a loss of 148.4 pounds. Starting the program, I knew that it was going to be a long road, so I set several smaller goals to help me along the way. The first one being, to follow the program without exception. I could achieve the small goals that I have set for myself along the way due to the incredible amount of support that I had from my husband, my consultant, and my new friends in the Jenny forums. While I have not yet met my final goal for this program I am happily able to report that I am currently at 158.8 for a current loss of 119.6 leaving 18.8 pounds remaining until my goal has been met.

Nicholas: I started this program at 265 pounds and the weight loss goal that I set for myself was to reach 180 pounds for a loss of 85 pounds. While the weight loss was the main reason for joining this program, I started this program with the goal of being here for my wife, she needed this and asked for my support and that was my real goal, being there for her on this journey. Doing this program as a team, the support that we offer each other along with the support of Janie has been a large reason for my ability to succeed on this journey. I am currently at 184 pounds leaving me just 4 pounds away from my goal, so I would identify that as a success.

What health benefits have you experienced?

Tricia: I have hypothyroidism and when I started this program, my levels were unstable, I was having to recheck every 6 weeks and change medications each time. Since starting this program, my levels have decreased allowing a lower dose of medication as well as no medication changes. The best thing that I have seen is my ability to exercise, I am able to do things that I could never do before. My husband and I go to the gym five nights a week and I have been able to jog a mile, something that I have never been able to do.

Nicholas: I saw my doctor for my yearly physical and for the first time since starting this journey and the look of shock on his face made my day. My physical went great, and I couldn’t be happier. Before starting this journey, I would keep Tricia up late at night due to sleep apnea and snoring, but that is gone. I no longer snore and keep her up. I not only look better but I feel better.

I think that we can both agree that our son Aaron is our biggest health benefit that we have seen since starting the Jenny program. He is not on the program or eating the meals, but I am feeding him using what Jenny is teaching me. When we started this program, he weighed 133 pounds he is now sitting at 103 pounds (this was his goal weight). His confidence has grown tremendously, and you can see how incredibly happy he is by his smile.

Jenny Craig has given our family a new beginning, created a new path for our family and we will always be grateful for this opportunity.

How did your consultant support you along your journey?

Tricia and Nick: Janie Long, was the first consultant that I met and she encouraged me to join the program, letting me know that I was worth it. I left that consultation with her with a sense of belief in myself that I didn’t have in a long time. For a while, I had a different consultant that was great, but she left Jenny. Even with her full case load, Janie did not hesitate to take Nick and I under her wings and become our consultant. She has had been our cheerleader, encouraging us every step of the way. She has been more than our consultant, she has been our friend. I know that I can call her at any time and that she will be there for me when I need it. She listens when we need her to listen, which is the kind of support that is needed on this journey.

Another group played a huge role in my success on this journey and that is the women in the forums at It is a great place for support, and they welcomed me from day one and encouraged me every step of the way, never judging or discouraging me. The amount of support that is offered on this program has played a large role in my success, having others to share my success with and to offer encouragement to, is rewarding. I feel as though my group of family and friends grew when I joined this program and I thank you all for everything you have done for me and my family.

*I am working on my photos for this submission. Will post when available.*


Everything Happens for a Reason?

Yesterday was supposed to be the happiest day of my week, the day that my son and I got to see our newest addition on an ultrasound. I could not recall the first day of my last period, so the ultrasound was needed so that they could determine how far along I was and my due date.  At my appointment I got checked out, discussed several things with the doctor prior to the ultrasound. Next, they ushered us across the hall to the ultra sound room. I lay on the bed waiting for images to come into view. The doc let me know that she was going to be looking around first, before looking at the baby. Then she started to talk about the baby, said that it was measuring at 6.5 weeks, but that there was no visible heartbeat and that there was a 50/50 chance that this was going to be a miscarriage. She ordered labs to check my blood for HCG levels for yesterday and again on Thursday and said that she would call once she had the results with the next course of action. I was/am devastated.


I am confused, I do not know whether I should have any hope at all, or if I should simply prepare for the worst. I am not in pain, I am not bleeding, everything feels normal with the exception of my broken heart.


When I found out that I was pregnant it came as a shock, but I was able to see that there was a reason that this baby was brought into my life, a reason for this detour. Now, I am lost and I do not understand the reasons. I know that I am not the first nor last woman to have a miscarriage, but I cannot understand why I needed to learn this lesson. What was the point? Was I too happy?


I won't know anything conclusive until tomorrow when the doctor calls, but I had to talk about it. I am sad, angry, disappointed, and heartbroken all at the same time and the waiting does not help.


A Brief Detour

This week is the last week that I can be on plan with Jenny Craig. I just found out that we are going to be having a baby! I am someone that believes that everything happens for a reason and this only solidifies it for me. Jenny allowed my husband and I to be healthy enough for this to happen. Now, my priorities will have to shift from myself to ensuring that a happy and healthy baby is born.


This is not the end for us on this journey, I am going to take everything that Jenny and my consultant have taught me, and apply it in order to make healthy choices for myself and my family. I will be back to finish what I started.


To all of you still on this journey, please remember that you are worth it. This plan works as long as you let it. It's not going to be easy, but you've got this!



Pregnancy Announcement.jpg


Girly Girl

Yesterday I got to be a part of an event at our local Christopher & Banks and it was so much fun! Before I started this journey I preferred men's oversized t-shirts and jeans, and while I know that I am a girl would always tell everyone that I was not a girl. I got to walk around the store, showing off the clothes, while sharing my story and it felt great. The best thing is that I was wearing a size 6 pant and medium tops! Holy Cow! While I still have 31.2 pounds until I have reached my goal, I purchased myself some girly clothes, I am so excited to get dressed up for work. I'm a girl again!


I have not felt this good about myself in a long time and I owe it all to My Jenny Craig center, my consultant, and the members here that are so very supportive of me on this journey. I have shared some photos for your viewing pleasure. :)










Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

Today is a rough day for me. I have been struggling for the last 4-5 weeks with ringing in my inner ear and it is causing me to be edgy and irritable with the ones that I love. Since starting this journey, I have seen an increase in my overall happiness, but there are times when I am not happy and I am finally understanding that it is okay.


I was a part of a Jenny motivational group on Facebook up until three days ago, when I left the group. Someone had posted that they had a large amount of weight to lose and that this was not the first or even second time that they had started Jenny, but the large amount of weight to lose discouraged them because they did not think it was achievable. When I saw that I had to share my story with her. I told her that my goal would require me to lose 148 pounds, and rather than focusing on the end game, I created several smaller goals (with the help of these forums and @missbumble's challenges) and now I am 31.6 pounds away from my goal. Then, someone else posted a response that hit me hard, they said that all of the postings of people losing large amounts of weight can be discouraging to others that are struggling. I replied, that by sharing my story I am aiming to encourage others, and would hate to think that by posting my successes was hurting or hindering anyone on this journey. At that point, I decided to leave the group. It hit me hard to think that by sharing my success and happiness with my results, that I was harming others on this journey. I realized today, that it is okay, there are going to be people that are affected negatively by my story (or other success stories) but then there are going to be people that are happy for me, and that are motivated by my story. It is not all peaches and rainbows all of the time, and that is okay.


The point of this post, is that this journey is a hard one, and the success stories often only spot light the happy times, but that is unrealistic. We are all human and we are going to go through rough times, and it is okay. You're not going to be able to please everyone all of the time, and that is okay. Not everyone, is going to like you or your story, but its okay.

Life is hard, this journey is hard and it is okay. While today is a rough day for me, and I am irritable and frustrated, I am human and I know that it is okay.


My name is Tricia Hensley. I started with Jenny Craig on June 27th at 278.4 pounds and I am currently sitting at 161.6 having lost 116.8 pounds. I am healthier and happier since starting this journey but I am human, there will be good days and there will be bad days, but it is OK.


Life is not always sunshine and rainbows and it is okay.


We've Got Our Lives Back

I was looking through old photos yesterday and I am completely amazed by the differences that Jenny has made for myself and my family. My husband and I started on Jenny planned menus on 6/27/2017 while our son was too young to be on the program my consultant included him in our weigh ins and even made him a chart of his own (when he went to the center with us). So, while eating planned menus, I was learning to cook and feed my son healthier options. Our starting weights were as follows:

Me: 278.4

Nick: 265

Aaron 133

Current weights are:

Me: 161.6

Nick: 185

Aaron: 103

For a combined total loss of 226.8 pounds.


I am and always will be eternally grateful for this opportunity that was given to my family. My son's results alone make this entire journey worth it!










Every day I am grateful to Jenny Craig for rewarding me with the opportunity to change my life. I wake up every day and while I look significantly different, my smile is what makes it worth it. For those struggling with the program, the food, their consultant just remember it is about you. This journey is what you make it, keep an open mind and remember to smile. Remember your reasons for starting this journey. We've got this!





Loving myself

Weight loss has always been one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. I have always been a big girl, and in my younger years I just accepted that I was bigger and that nothing was going to change.


Now that I only have forty-two pounds until my goal of 130, I find myself falling in love with myself. I feel absolutely beautiful and that is something that I have never experienced.


The one piece of advice that I can offer someone just starting out on Jenny, is to give the program a chance. I know that there are foods that you're not going to like or want to eat; just go in with an open mind. There are ways to add to your food (seasoning, spices and veggies) that will allow you to stay on plan while trying new things.


The next one is cost, yes it can be pricey, but in the end how can you put a value on your life? Looking back now, I would pay it all again, this way that I feel is priceless and I only hope that everyone that has started this journey feels it as well. For me, this journey has been about taking control of my life and my choices; for so long I was controlled by food and winning this membership gave me an advantage as well as the opportunity to take my life back.


I am no longer an obese 278.4 pound woman and I will never be her again. My name is Tricia Marie Hensley, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, student, business woman. There are many words that can be used to describe who I am, but that do not define me.


If I can hope for anything, it is that my words are able to help someone that is struggling on this journey. Everyone's journey is going to be different, but this forum has shown me that with a little support you can go a long way.


Love who you are, you are worth it. You have taken the first step! You've got this, we've got this!












Ultimate Rewards

My son had is yearly physical on Tuesday and I had to share the results! From his charts he went from 133 pounds to 109 (still a little high for his height and age) but we are still working on it. He is currently at 56.7 inches tall and the doctor expects to see a growth spurt soon. She said that he looks great compared to where he was last year! She started to tell us about proper portions of fruits and veggies and I was proudly able to tell her that he eats 3-4 servings of fruit per day as well as 2-3 servings of veggies per day. BAM! While I have lost 94.4 pounds and my husband has lost 63 pounds, my son's 24 pound loss is what makes me happiest. His loss shows me that I will be successful on the maintenance program and that I can do this. It also shows me that my positive changes are making a huge difference, and that is a great accomplishment.


Thank you Jenny Craig for everything that you have done for me! I honestly believe that you have changed an entire family's life and I am and will always be eternally grateful!





The last six months of 2017 were some of the best moments of my life. In June I won Jenny memberships for myself and my husband, and we began our Jenny journey together. 26 weeks later and I have lost 89.8 pounds, my husband has lost 66.2 pounds and our son has lost 22.4 pounds. Our lives will be forever changed, and I am extremely grateful.


In 2018 we will all meet our goal weights and I could not be happier. I look forward to fishing on the Mesa, there were so many lakes that I could not fish at due to the lengthy hikes and I look forward to being able to fish every (fishable) lake up there. Also, I look forward to celebrating my 37th birthday half of myself and smoke free for 1 year and 6 months. I also look forward to the 'Biggest Loser' makeover that I am going to give myself once my goal is met, a new me deserves a new look and I am excited.


Since starting this journey I have had faced many people (even loved ones) that judged this journey and still do this day doubt that I will be able to maintain it once I am not eating the planned menus. I will not let them or their words get me down, I will prove to them that I can and will do this. I will be successful, all of the weight that I have lost since I started this journey is gone, I will not be going back to the woman that I was. I am happier, healthier, and I look forward to living a long life.


As this year ends and you reflect on 2017, what are you most thankful for? What do you look forward to in 2018?


Happy New Years to my Jenny family. XOXO






Jenny Craig has changed my life! I am not plugging or advertising for them, but I honestly do not think I could have gotten to where I am today without them! Winning that membership was one of the best things that has happened to me. I have attached some transformation photos to show you the physical changes for myself and my husband. While the physical changes are great, the emotional changes have been the best! I have 62.8 pounds to go until I am at goal, but I am final happy with myself and I am eternally grateful to Dress Barn and my Jenny center for this opportunity.


My ultimate goal is to win the Half of Me contest that Jenny offers, to show others like me that Jenny works. To motivate and encourage others, to help them see that they can do it to, if they just believe.


If at any time you are struggling and need someone to talk to, I will listen email me at: Sometimes, all it takes is having someone to talk to and someone that will listen. I will be here for anyone that needs it. We've got this!


then and now comparisons.jpg


The Holidays

Since I was awarded my Jenny membership, I have stuck to the planned menus (that includes the limited free foods). This is something that I would like to maintain until I come to the end of my Jenny journey. The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday had me a little worried, that I would not be strong enough with all of the food. Well, I was wrong! My husband and I heated up our Turkey Medallion meals, and plated them. We sat down as a family and enjoyed our meals. I was able to stay on plan, and I was so beyond proud of myself. If the number on the scale on Friday does not reflect the good choices I made, I will be disappointed, but I will not be discouraged. I could have given in and wandered off plan, but I didn't. I am proud of myself.


We did not get to the gym, because we just don't get over there enough and I didn't want to be rude. Instea7d we went to 7 Falls to look at the lighted waterfalls. I am extremely afraid of heights, but was able to get halfway up (roughly 100 flights of stairs). I was petrified once I realized that I had to go back down, but I did it. Next, went to the Cave of the Winds, and on a tour of the Caves which was a mile long walk. My upper thighs are still killing me! We also went on several small walks with the dogs, but it was not as much as we are used to, but I am okay with this.


Should the scale not reflect this amazing accomplishment, I will be okay. I am so beyond proud that I was able to go in with a plan and stick to it. We had a great visit with family that we do not get to see every day or even every year and that beats the number on the scale! Holidays will no longer cause me stress and anxiety and now I know that I will be fine as long as I go in with a plan and communicate it with the people that I am spending it with.


Now, we are back home and getting back on track. Went to the gym yesterday and it felt so good! This week I am looking forward to being under 200 pounds (first time in over 6 years!) and I am going to keep pushing to ensure that I get there!


What was or is your worst fear when it comes to the holiday season? Were you able to overcome it? If so, how?



Half Way!

I did it! I know I have posted this already, but I am so very proud of myself and I want to celebrate!

I have been working incredibly hard since I started this program and have not deviated from it. (Not once). When I feel hungry, I eat some veggies my favorite being carrot sticks and cucumbers and drink water. As many of you already know, I won my Jenny membership in a contest. When I got the phone call I was going through a rough time, my daughter had just graduated high school and moved out without a word while I was at work. I was devastated at the thought of being such a horrible mother. When the call came I knew it was a sign, it was time for me to stop worrying about her and start working on myself, change my focus.


Now, my daughter and I have a somewhat better relationship, but that did not happen until I realized that she is an adult and I need to let her go to make her own mistakes. Now, it is time to focus on my son, husband and myself. Once I realized that I was worth it, I was able to focus on my goal and I will not let anything detour me, I will succeed! I am 100% dedicated to myself and this journey is making me feel so good about who I am and it has been a long time (if ever) that I have been able to say that.


My advice is to follow your planned meals, yes it can be pricey but so is medications, larger clothing, and eating out. There are going to be meals that are not your favorite, but enhance them with seasonings, and veggies. I have to eat the garden vegetable fritata with a table spoon of salsa. If you start feeling hungry between meals, chug a bottle of water or snack on some carrots or cucumbers (free veggies). This program works, if you let it. You deserve this and you can do it! Lastly, reach out. This forum is a great place for support and encouragement. While each journey is different we are all walking the same path and I enjoy coming here daily. Don't think you can do it? I challenge you to do one full week of pre-planned meals, drink plenty of water, and no deviation. I think you can do it, do you?








Role Model

Yesterday we went to our Jenny Craig center for dinner and some tips on how to get through the up coming holiday. There was only a small group of us, but when we walked in they asked for our permission to share our stories and we consented. I have been very vocal about my journey and if I can inspire even one person, I will be happy. Since winning my membership with Jenny I have not eaten anything off of plan, I have not allowed myself the limited extras and I am just following my plan. When I accepted my prize I committed to the program. I am not saying that I am better than anyone, or that everyone needs to do as I am doing. Everyone's journey is going to be different.


When my consultant was speaking about me, it made me feel so good that my story was being used to encourage on this journey. Since I started the program on June 26th I have lost 72 pounds by following the program (as of 11/10/17). All of my life I have been overweight and have never had the strength to fight the impulse, food was my best friend. Hearing Janey tell my story made me so proud of myself. I am proud of the work and commitment that I see in myself. Also, it doesn't stop there, I want to encourage and motivate others that are like me, show them that they can do this and they are worth it.


My goal is to make the half of me edition of People magazine by losing 148 pounds. I want to share my story, let others know that being almost 300lbs. does not mean that you cannot lose the weight. I want people to hear my story and know that Jenny Craig works and is not only for celebrities. #journeytohalfofme


If you are reading this and you have been struggling, message me. This site is a great place for motivation an encouragement, and I am here to do what I can. We can do this!




The Difference in a Year

On the left is a picture of my husband and I from one year ago at our first Bronco game together. The picture on the right is from this passed Sunday. Combined we have lost 115 pounds.


I just had to share.




Getting Sick

Since starting the program in June, this is the first time that I have gotten sick. I currently have an obnoxious head cold that is killing my motivation. Up until the the 23rd of October I was going to the gym every day. Then the 23rd came and I could not find the energy to go. This head cold wiped me out for the entire week.


I am not writing this for sympathy, but I am writing this because I was frustrated with myself for letting a head cold keep me from the gym. I was amazed and thrilled with that frustration. Never in my life have I felt frustration or anger at myself due to being lazy. I have always enjoyed and even preferred sitting around the house all weekend doing absolutely nothing. Now, I want more, and that shows me that Jenny is going to work for me. The changes that I have made are making a difference both physically and emotionally and I could not be happier.


So, while my sickness kept me away from the gym and my activity was less than I would have liked, I was still able to lose 1.2 pounds. The best part of my cold is that the realization that the changes that I am making are working. I hate getting sick, but I realize that I have to take the time to relax and take care of myself rather than going to the gym or worrying about my weight loss.


When you get sick, what happens? My husband bought me several medicines to help me through my sickness, but I refused to take them due to the calories. Since when does medicine have calories?




Incredibly happy!

Today I was able to weigh in with my family. My husband and I are on the program, while I am cooking for my son. Our son is too young to be on Jenny, but my Jenny center wanted to make him feel involved so they are weighing him.


So, today was the first time in a while that we have been able to weigh in together since my husband has been working out of town. And the results were:

Me: 214 lbs. for a 4.4 pound loss this week. Total loss of 64.4 pounds

Nicholas: 218.6 pounds for a 7 pound loss this week. Total loss of 46 pounds.

Aaron: 117 lbs. for a 10 pound loss since we started on the program.


Both Nicholas and Aaron are at their halfway point and got their halfway pictures taken. I am so unbelievably happy for them! You see, Aaron's loss shows me that I am going to be able to cook healthy meals once I have met my goal. I have 10 pounds to lose until I am at my halfway point and I am so ready for it.


This journey has not been easy, but I have put everything that I have into it. When I would normally eat, I go to the gym or get on here. I have been following my 1200 calorie plan without eating any of the extras. I do take full advantage of the free vegetables. I have been extremely obese my entire life and I believe that getting this membership was a sign and I cannot let it go to waste. I want my consultant to know that this was not a wasted gift.


Everyone's journey is different and it is not my intention to make anyone feel bad about their own journey. In fact, it is the opposite; I hope that my story helps others like me throughout their journey. Since I started this journey, I have found that I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with encouraging and motivating others.





Almost to my halfway point

Today marks 103 days since I began my Jenny journey and I have lost 56.6 pounds (as of Friday) Two weeks ago my measurements were taken for a total loss of 30.6 inches. I am just so happy with the results that I am seeing. I have 17.8 pounds to lose until I am at my halfway point and I am so excited to see my pictures on the wall at my Jenny Center.


On Friday I had to have a fasting lab done to check my thyroid and other levels and my doctor informed me that my TSH levels were normal and that my cholesterol levels had also come down in to the normal range. That was so exciting for me, knowing that my hard work is paying off is extremely satisfying.


So many people are noticing my weight loss and I have found that I enjoy sharing my story. I want others to know that they can be successful too. At work, I speed walk around the factory every two hours. When I first started this, the employees would point and laugh. Now, I have a growing group of women that get up and walk too. It brings a smile to my face. Also, after seeing the results that I have been having, both my mother and sister in law have joined Jenny and have started their own journey. Knowing that I helped them and motivated them to make lifestyle changes makes me feel good about myself.


Right now, I am on planned menus at 1200 calories a day. While the cost of Jenny can be up there, I look at it as an investment into myself. The strict planned menus are giving me the guidance that I need while also allowing me to better understand portions. While I am on Jenny my 10 year old son is not, but Jenny is teaching me how to cook for him in order for him to become healthier. I love this site because it allows me to share my journey while meeting others that are going through the same things. I use my Facebook page to share information about my weight loss in what I call #journeytohalfofme.


I am so grateful to Janey @ my Jenny center here in Grand Junction, Colorado for giving me the prize of an annual membership because I honestly feel as though it is going to be what saves my life! I refuse to let a bad day or a bad mood be an excuse!





Milestones hit!

Today marks 3 months with Jenny and I have enjoyed every step of the way! While several areas of my life are in shambles and there is more stress and drama that I need, I can say that I am happier since I won my membership with Jenny.

Today was my weigh in and I lost a total of 3.8 bringing my total loss since June 26th to 50.2 pounds! :D

Also, my ring size went from a 10 to a 7.5! :D


I know that I am doing all of the work, but there is a  person that entered my life and showed me that I could do this, that believed in me and that listened when I needed someone to talk to: My consultant Elizabeth. Thank you! I will continue on and I will be successful! By June of 2018 I will be half of me and I am so incredibly thankful for all that you have done for me!


Life is an incredibly bumpy journey just as this journey is. If it were sunshine and rainbows all of the time everyone would be thin and happy all of the time. It is how you handle those hard times that will help you. Just take a deep breath, learn from your mistakes and move on. Remember that this group is full of men and women on the same journey that you are on.


I started this journey at 278 pounds. My goal is to weigh 130 which will mean me losing 148 pounds (Half of Me)! I have given myself the goal of making it into People magazine. Once my goal is met, my reward will be to get  what I like to call the 'Biggest Loser Makeover' from head to toe.



Today is December 18th, 2017 almost 3 months has passed since the above bog was submitted. I currently weigh 192.8 (85.6 pounds lost) and there have been many physical and emotional changes that have taken place in such a short time.

*My ring size could be a 7, I have not had it checked I simply move them from finger to finger at this point.

* My pant size is now a 12. I noticed that my 16's were getting to be baggy and I had a couple of pairs of size 14's that fit nicely but when I sucked it up and bought a couple more pairs they were too big.

* Emotionally, I am so incredibly happy. This journey has brought us closer as a family and I am thankful for the opportunities to come.


While the physical changes are the most apparent to others, to me the emotional ones are the best. This journey has shown me that I am worth it, that I deserve to be healthy, and that I am strong. I started this journey with the intention of being loyal to the plan and it has saved my life. I am happy, I look forward to going to the gym 5 times a week. I also like to tell my story to encourage others. My ultimate goal is to be selected for the Half of Me edition of People Magazine. This opportunity, will allow me to get my story out and encourage others like me. Let them know that they are worth it, that they matter, and that they can do this.






Week 12

Things that have changed from 278.4 to 232:

  • a size 20 pants to a 16.
  • a size 10.5 ring to a 9 (smaller now, need to be resized.)
  • an 8.5 wide shoe to just an 8.5
  • My denture no longer fits without adhesive. (Weird I know)
  • My glasses need to be adjusted (not a huge difference, but still)


Currently I am sitting at 232 pounds. I have lost 46.4 pounds since starting on June 26th, 2017 and I have 102 more pounds to lose. These past couple of weeks have been chalk full of stress and drama and honestly, I think that my Jenny plan and goals are a large reason for me not losing my mind. I have always been a stress eater and difficult times scare me. I am a wife and mother of two, I work a full time job as a shift supervisor and I am attending college online to obtain my bachelor's in HR Management. I realize with how hectic my life is, that there is always going to be a good amount of stress and that it is going to be important for me to learn how to handle it correctly.


We all have those days that we feel like it is not worth it, that we are never going to meet our goals, but I refuse to believe it! I quit smoking on Christmas Eve of 2016 and I have not looked back. I will not let myself use the excuse of stress as a reason to stuff my face. I realize that it sounds easier said than done, and others may struggle more, but I am not passing judgement; I only want to help. Having a good support system is great, but you also have to believe in yourself. Ultimately you are responsible for your actions. I have found a huge amount of support from this group. If at anytime you are struggling, and feel like giving up, or you just need to vent: reach out I am here and willing to listen whenever. No judgement.





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My First 10 Weeks

My Jenny Journey started while I was graduation dress shopping with my daughter in May of 2017 at Dress Barn. While we were waiting for our daughter to try on a half dozen dresses I noticed one of those enter and win things and decided, "Why not?" I had just signed up for a chance to win a Jenny Craig membership. We bought our daughter's dress and left the store without another thought. Two months later, I received a voicemail stating that I had won. When I called back, I found out that I had won a free 3 month membership with $100 in food. I was super excited. When I went in for my consultation, I found out that the winner of the main prize of a one year membership, did not claim it and that they wanted to give it to me. I was super excited, I cried and gratefully accepted. Growing up, I have always been overweight, food was my outlet, food did not judge me, call me names, and hurt me. Food comforted me when I was sad, or angry. In many ways food has always been my best friend.


On December 24th, 2016 at 9:30 pm I decided that I was going to quit smoking because I wanted to be a happier, healthier me. Now, winning this membership at Jenny I felt like I was given an opportunity to further take back my life. You see, I had given up smoking, but my unhealthy eating was going to kill me. They even went a step further and offered my husband the three month membership that I had won so that we could start this journey together.

My starting weight was: 278.4 pounds

The goal that I have given myself is: 130 pounds

That will require me to lose: 148 pounds. (Over half of me!)

I weigh in for my 10th week tomorrow but as of last Thursday I was sitting at: 243 pounds which equals a 35.4 pound loss. And as of 8/24/2017 I have been smoke free for 8 months!


My main goal is to lose half of me and to be selected to be a part of the People Magazine 'Half of Me' edition. I want to reach my goal weight and give myself a head to toe makeover.


I understand that to many my goals might seem far fetched, and unrealistic, but to me it is the opposite. I am taking back my life and I will meet my goals. My intention for this blog is not to rub in my goals or my successes, I want to share my experience, to motivate others. I am happy and excited everyday at the thought of the different possibilities that now seem available to me when they were not before. It is okay to set high goals and push yourself, it is also okay if you fall a little short. The point is that you are trying and that you are believing in yourself. Each individual journey is going to be different, but I believe that if we are supporting each other and lifting each other up, we are going to see more and more success stories.


As my 10th week closes out, I want you to know that I wholeheartedly believe that Jenny Craig and my consultant have saved my life and I cannot wait to show them (and myself) that it will not be taken for granted.


~Life is a beautiful thing, and I will no longer be wasting it~