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My weight loss and maintenance journey one day at a time.

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My Pants Fit

OK So I thought I would take the inspiration from the blog post of  @Staci Greene. You guys must go read her post. Her success on Jenny is truly inspiring and her pants are falling of... You Go Girl! And she planned an awesome day yesterday. So thought I would plan my day in a similar vein. 


OK so here's the great news. My pants fit. Yup - I am rocking the size 4 Lululemon workout pants! So happy they fit. working from home today - so no great outfit, but will change into golf shorts as I think this afternoon's after work plan will be to go practice golf. With a light workload, I have been walking a ton after work At some point I should probably rest? so I'll go golf a bit.. that's restful :) So my sized 6 SwingbySwing golf shorts will fit as well. YAY! My Pants Fit!


OK,  today went to OrangeTheory had a great workout. Endurance day - so longer push blocks on the tread followed by Active recovery - Base pace jog) then pushes and a couple of all outs. Total of 30 minutes on Treadmill and then 30 minutes on Water rower and weight bench. Single leg static lunges, rows, lunges, and some work for backs and chests and biceps. All good. 60 min total about 500+ calories. And a bunch of splat points (for your OrangeTehry enthusiasts). 


Then Kodiak Pancake breakfast 1.25 servings (6 small pancakes I adore) 

Next change AC filter

Get template made for Bathroom cabinet (Install in process and amazing!!) 

Then look for new work project and study for work...

Lunch - Flatout, tuna, parmesan, veggies and salad :) 

Work, Golf, Home Depot maybe to buy dinners... or lighting company to buy trim for recessed lights


Netflix - 90210 Season 3.. I am addicted. 


 Be the happy person you want to be.  Watched this today - Awesome. 



OK time to go be Happy. 


You Got This guys!!! Being thin - not overeating, stocking to the plan is so worth it. My Pants Fit. Staci's Pants are falling off! Your pants will be falling off too. This is our day, our year, our decade. Let's not go start a diet again and spend a moment unhappy because of our weight. 


Does anyone read these things? Leave a comment - let me know what your happy is? How your plan is going? Or more importantly, how I can help you :) I know y'all help me every day! Thank you, 


Miss Bumble



New Photo - Just another Day

Hey everyone - just a low key Saturday - Sure I walked 12 miles  that was a tad strange but it was fun...  (...LOL). And wanted to post a picture to say it's not just a normal day. Normal for me was gaining weight, being heavy and wishing I could go on a diet. So just checking in - and pretty sure people are sick of all my diatribes on the forum posts. I figure this is my section.. so I can be as vain or boring as I want here .No? Anyway - Off I go to JC today, Trying to not buy expensive entrees and transition more to MOMOs. (LOL I have been on maintenance for many months... and I still buy Jenny. I definitely need to go get weighed in, but I want to substitute the foods with homemade or lower cost items. When on Jenny and ever since August 2016 all I did was buy the Jenny food d, but lately am more price conscious, so why not save some money? I am reluctant - because if it ain't broke don't fix it.... But the budget beckons... and so today we shall see how I do. Maybe buy nothing? OMG. WOW.. I know I have food in the freezer... But feels like such a leap of faith. Think about the money I would spend and use it in the grocery store when I need it. .. Worst case - Jenny is 6 minutes away. OK be strong. That is my plan. Except maybe shakes.... I like that stuff now in my coffee. 

OK point of Blog was to post a picture -- Toronto asked me to send one, so I snuck off Thursday eve's data to have the hostess take a photo.... Anyway... Here's why this is not just an ordinary day. I am thin!!! Does is it get old? Heck no!  OK off to JC.... See how we did this week.

sue 2.JPG


So it occurred to me that one of my goals for the New year's challenge is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. I recently listened to a podcast on losing weight and they were saying big huge goals dont really work for weight loss or to make significant changes.  So do goals that support the longer term gola. So I guess my goal is to be healthier and reduce bloat and whatever else water does for you..... also 8 glasses a day today does not seem achievable... so thought I would blog my goal here and record my results. 


OK my esteemed sister told me 1 bottle has 16 ounces of water... 4-5 bottles does seem doable


1) Goal: Drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water per day by end of 2018 

Mini Goal - Drink minimum of 3 bottles of water Week 1 1/2 - 1/7

  • Morning - when possible  - Drink  hot water and lemon with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to help internal organs do their thing
  • Drink only 1 glass of coffee at breakfast (can drink more other times of day (COnsider reducing)  and drink 2 bottles (32 ounces) of water between breakfast and lunch
  • Drink 1-2 bottles of water between lunch and dinner (32 ounces)
  • Water during workout does not count

Day 1 Status: Tuesday: Drank 2 bottles before a late lunch and 1 after lunch total of 48 ounces (Plus 12 or so in my Morning drink that I don't count). See how I do tomorrow...or maybe I should include my hot water with lemon and ACV too? I think I will measure it and include it in my tally.


2/3  OK have to recommit and drink more water!!! Coffee gets in the way and my compulsiveness for a hit... something flavorful... Let's do this this week! 




Surgery Prep, Email, and New Food Plan

So I am prepping for surgery and want to be as healthy as possible. One of my struggles is eating too many veggies and gas. I figure this is a good time to try and cut back! So starting tomorrow for each lunch and dinner I will commit to one veggie portion. Not a salad and veggie, not nibbling before hand. No need to I can always eat between meals - have a yogurt, water, soda, tea, or a veggie. I feel like I eat so much at meals because I don;t want to feel deprived and think I will be hungry. I won't. 


So I rushed over to the pc to declare this to my JC peeps. 


B - Usual

S- Snack - Yogurt and fruit

L - JC meal and 8 - 10 ounces salad with dressing

S - Yogurt and maybe fruit

D - JCC meal with cooked veggie 8-10 ounces

Dessert - Artic Zero 


Also if you read this far (thanks!) new email for JC peeps MIssBumble2018@gmail.com 


Figured I would just use that for JC and it would be easy to see any emails. Figured I would be vulnerable being in pain after surgery and committing to eat less stuffing food. So might need some of your fabulous support.  Ill also read the forum .. If I don't write back right away - attribute it to pain killers. 


Anyway pre-op appointment tomorrow. Wish me luck



Plastic Surgery

Warning Controversial Posts - As I imagine some of you are against surgery....So you may want to skip this one....


Hi Guys - We' ll for years I have been thinking of getting plastic surgery on my breasts. After losing 100 lbs in Overeater's Anonymous I had a tummy tuck (abdomnioplasty) and thigh skin removed etc (lipectomy) but skipped the breasts. The Abdomen surgery tightened the muscle and removed a ton of excess skin. The thigh = left a pretty big scar, but also got rid of extra skin. I had tons of extra skin.....


So eventually I gained about 60 lbs (kept the 100 off for 10+ years..and then gained.. to August 13 or so 2016 when I decided to make a change. Jenny Craig .. and now Maintenance with a lot of JC frozen meals and some liberties. 


So I have decided to do a breast lift and augmentation.. The lift is key when you have lost a lot of weight and augmentation will round out the solution since they currently are like 1/4 filled ziploc bags with water.  This surgery will allow me to buy bras at any old store, find workout bras easier.... and go braless if I have the right outfit. So I can see the importance. 


So went in for a consult and said what else would you do. The Surgeon recommended a few things.. and got me thinking. I agreed with some, not all - and the prices were astonishing.. so going for 2nd and third opinions. So not jumping at this just yet. 


What did they suggest? 

1) Under eye baggy area lift - they are really think skinned, very wrinkly and droopy and make me look tired. So this is a local anesthesia operation and not huge. 

2) Breast implant and lift - Expensive. When younger people or fit people do this originally - some get away with just an implant. I need both. 

3) Retouching up the abdomnioplasty... basically will even get some of the skin drooping near thighs and my extra 2 inches or so of skin on stomach. But you know I  may not do that one - as so what if I have a muffin top.. It really is not bad

4) This is the huge one.... redo the thighs sort of by lifting everything up... hard to explain. But sounds major. So if you are very heavy lost a ton of skin... you know what's left (for me anyway) is tough to look at. That said I may just live with it... surgery sounds huge..... 


Bottom line - will likely do my eyes at some point and my breasts soon... once I find right doctor.    It will be interesting to see what the next doctor recommends. I was pretty open with saying I wanted to know their opinions. I am pretty sure I will stick with my wish list - which is I have always wanted to be able to fit into bras better etc. So I think the Breast lift/enhancement (BTW these will be small oranges not cantaloupes)



Th e doctor did say I could use some fat on my face.. gain a little weight? That's scary to hear. But at least if I do gain a little I can have comfort that it might make my face look better.... Anyway I don't want to let that thought get out of control a I want to stay at my 140 maintenance weight. It works!   My next blog will likely be about maintenance. As I am listening to the Half Size Me podcast and been thinking about it alot. 


Keeping it Clean In the ATL - Week 2

65 pounds down... time to continue this great trend and not eat over feelings.TY. Jenny Craig! Expensive - No! if you compare it to the cost of being heavy - clothes, health, lack of happiness, not fitting on airplane seats etc. I am worth it... and so are you,


OK Just wanting to set it down my plan for handling very high stress client... in hotel all week and working late hours. Goal: Maintain the path forward... lose 2 pounds or so - by keeping it clean.

1) JC French toast for breakfast (Barscotti today on travel day)

2) Lunch JC Loaded or Healthy Steamers - Linguini and Salad with Skinny Girl

3) Dinners- Buy Zoodles at whole foods, Artic Zero fro dessert... and pair with JC entree - lasagna or creamy penne


If out to dinner - have tea with stevia

Snacks - yogurt, fruit


Workout at Orange Theory Tues, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun

Show up to forum and help others

Next weigh in - success!!! And on to maintenance with a bit more lee way



Key: Handle airport - with Tea, Diet Coke, Green beans for plane

Key: tough times- whatever comes my way - go for a walk. listen to book on tape, hit the gym, make a call. Do not eat something. Everything passes.. and being thin is miraculous and fabulous. Like winning the lottery!!! Size 4-6-8-10-12 Whaaat? This is amazing. Lets keep it


Also work on Quantity - Less veggies per meal.. stomach and digestion will be very helpful...



One Clean Week for the Bee

Note:***I will keep this blog entry for one week and add to it. If I binge - I will post it here no matter what!! So let's get through this week - with my plan in tact.... my heart in tact...


Saturday 9/30/17 9AM

Hi Guys - Today i go for my weigh in - I will definitely be up. Last week went pretty well - but Thursday was a night of binging. There's no way that is allowed for on my plan or way of life. For me it is a terrible sign that I may spin out of control and gain the weight back. So clearly it makes me upset!!! These past few weeks work has been incredibly stressful.


All sorts of ideas about bringing all Jenny food with me (Just a mini fridge...and no fridge at office) but the issue is more when I decided to binge...  just go do it. Does not matter if I have had a good meal or smaller Jenny meal - none of that matters, Anyway - just wanted to reach out and say this week will be different. I will get back on track and avoid the airport binge. (and other places too).


OK off to the Gym - have not been to the regular gym in a while - but going to get on a bike since  my rib hurts form racquet ball.... so going to skip OrangeTheory today... (done: 60 minutes workout - with 30+ minutes at 84% maximum heart rate = 570 calories burned)


Then later go to Jenny Craig...and say hello, talk to JC Consultant, and face the music. For me going every week is key, This will turn around - but if I don't go weigh in - somewhere I will just keep doing this and gain it all back. Not an option.


Tonight - optional Break the fast party for Yom Kippur at family friends house.. i want to go but I wonder if it's the food that beckons me. What if I just go say hi..and then go home? That's rude.. oh the dilemmas. Maybe just stay home. I know she will have a ton of food and I feel like I need to buckle down... hmmm  (edit:(I did not go - wise choice)



Sunday 10/1 4:41PM

Today I played golf - and then had lunch at home and then hit Youfit for 30minutes on stepmill and 30 on the bike with my Heart rate monitor from OrangeTheory. Managed to burn about 600 calories. When I started JC and did the stepmill (revolving staircase machine - cruel) I could do 10-20 minutes max at level 6. Not with my OT app - and tracking the workout so I stay at 84% and above of my max heart rate for alot of the workout (2 minute intervals or so) I was doing level 12. Its so amazing to see the progress. And my progress did not come from using the stepmill every day - it came from 1) doing JC and 2) doing 1 hour of the Orange Theory class (30min treadmill or similar and 30 min mixture of rower and body weight or free wieght or TRX strap exercises) with a kick a$$ coach cheering you on and helping you with form. Anyway - 6 months later - I am able to really workout pretty hard at a gym.


Came home and had a whey protein shake that was divine - but also had anytime bar (also amazing). Alot of food at once but that is sort of how I roll. Key is its all within my limits on My Fitness Pal - and I am not binging on potato chips, etc.


I gave  @SFMomadvice - no one is ever unhappy on the treadmill... and got myself to the gym today - It was very unplanned and extra. lately I have been in a funk. Works been really hard. The guy I was hoping to date - dumped me...or well really it wasn't working - long distance - and anyway the easy job I had the last twp years has turned a lot harder with my new client and area of focus... So alas - Sue has been stressed out - and not coping well. Well this weekend - I turned it around - and rocked it!! Going to continue this trend into the week - and pursue the 7 clean days of excellence here. One of the tricks with my feelings - that I so don't remember or do - is this too shall pass. Every feeling I have is - just that not a fact. A feeling. It will pass....life changes - there's awesome times and ok times and crappy times. Food is so not the answer. Everything is better being thin and having food in it's place.. Not perfect - but if I were bigger and if I were eating out of control for me it was all harder. So Sue - hang in there. You Got This!


Ok Hair time - blow dry and iron.. it's an ordeal.


For you guys on maintenance the shake is called Unikey Vanilla Whey protein powder (Great product) with 2 tbs PB2 Fit, some ice, a little JC vanilla shake, 10 ounces of water and 1 stevia..and half a banana chopped when it's ripe - and frozen.. total calories - 110+45 ish + 60 + 15 = about 230.


For you guys doing JC and losing... the cookie Dough anytime bar in the freezer is soo good.



yahoo..., food was good this weekend!!! Time to continue this! 


weight in home scale 140 yay

Airport food:1 hard boiled egg and 2 cups of coffee with steamed milk 

time to kick a$$! 


OK So these past two weeks I have been staying at a hotel in Atlanta and eating out for most meals (though they have Publix and Whole Foods... so I did not have to) . Also Drinking wine (a couple of glasses) each night. Net net weigh in this morning - I will be up a pound or three. People say the eating comes form stress- I think it also is insecurity, So surrounded by really bright stars from my company on ,my new project doing something I am not the worlds leading expert in (go figure). creating Decks on information I need to glean - and do not know.... and comparing my self to others.. recipe for uncomfortable feelings. Last night on the plane I ate a bunch - so just acting out like a kid. And that was after a very successful client meeting.


Anyway I talked to my Mom about it... and decided to write down my food. Limit the drinking (No drinking the next 2 weeks) etc. ON my way to JC in a few... so need to plan this out.


@Crayola64always gets me - and said cereal may be a trigger. I think I don't handle lactose well too. So going to put the brakes on that, Make my meals less exciting


Breakfasts - Concierge Lounge or Cafeteria at client.

2 hard boiled eggs (instead of scrambled - where I never know if I took too much and always want more)

Bowl of fresh fruit - how bout using the small lbowl.. cup size gives it boundaries


Snack: Water, water

Snack Yogurt

Lunch JC Chicken Salad Kit and salsd (no onions or broccoli) and Skinny girl dressing - no croutons(Obviously) no chick peas, no Parmesan. Just straight veggies

Snack - Water, water rice cake with PB2, Anytime Bar  or Apple, Anytime Bar

Dinner - Whole Foods, Salmon, Veggie, Couscous or brown rice - something not too high in calories (no salda - as I am overdoing the quantity and my body rebels)

Try not to do meal out if I am by myself and not needed for work event

Dessert - Smores Bar






Hurricaine Irma

Hey Guys - well just a quick post - as requested - new outfits... I don't have picture of the size 4 jeans and shirt where my stomach shows (a teensy bit). It feels great to be able to maintain here in Atlanta (Avoiding hopefully the worst of Irma).


Yesterday visited JC and met Ashley a terrific consultant in ATL - up .5 pounds - but nothing to worry about (I think I am down today according to the OTF scale 139). So not too worried - but watchful. Making better decisions and maybe skipping breakfast out when I know I have plans tonight for dinner.


Anyhoo- my family (Mom, Sister and her hubby) have all reported in safe and sounds as the winds kick up in Boca.


So meanwhile just got back form OrangeTheory  I am sooo glad when it is finished - and so glad I did it. The picture below is with the trainer.... and my new workout pants.. and shirt :) courtesy of Marshalls. Stripes... that just was not what I used to wear at 207+. So grateful to JC for the 70 pounds or so loss and to all of you. It's so worth it... Keep going no matter what.


Picture is with the ORT coach Lauren. Great Class!



Sue ORT 09072017.jpg


5 Ounces

I thought I would remind myself what 5 ounces of wine looks like. I find myself short of calories .. and on the low range weight wise - so decided to have some wine tonight. OK so I have wine alot when I go out.. sometimes at home. And it's impt when I am out to know how many calories I am having.


So here's 5 ounces of Matua Sauvignon Blanc. So many foods are easy to overdo and rack up the calories.






Shopping and Commitment

Today I visited jenny Craig center to say hi and hit Marshalls. Looking for a white t-shirt. Did not find it, but found some nice Size 6 Calvin Klien shorts and beautiful sexy shirts for work and fun. As I was shopping I was thinking.. So you are going to spend this money on clothes... and what stay this weight? The answer was yea I am!! Yes we can So maintenance is tough - I love food! But Jenny Craig is here for me - and I believe I will do this ... one day at a time .. just keep on keeping on. 


So I picked up some food at the center and told them I was going to stay connected every single week for the next year. Really for a lot longer. But you know, this works for me. Jenny Craig works. Maintenance is a work in progress. Figuring out the right level of exercise and food to sustain me.


So if you haven't figured out by know I am a huge Jenny Craig fan!! It's hard - we may not always want to eat smaller portions or something - whereas other times we may think its the best thing ever (Chocolate Lava Cake, Florentine Breakfast Pizzas and my new favorite the Chocolate cheese cake...) On maintenance I get meals on my own (soon as my stove gets fixed!!! Tuesday  yay!) and have Jenny as needed/desired. So it really is a great program especially for me and my travel schedule.


Anyway I am meandering.. but it just hit me as I was shopping. It's ok to buy size 6 or so outfits... I will be this size next year. So forurm friends - Lets do this together. All be here one year from now!  Who's with me???



Had a great weekend with a friend in Savannah! I bought a colorful shirt  and was pretty shocked it wasn't black! So happy with jenny Craig and my life because of this way of life!!



Savannah Sue 7 17 2017.jpg


New Dress for a New Me!

So I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Jenny Craig rocks!!!Never ever give up - this is your time! If you are new or struggling or thinking about straying. Don't.... This is how we do it. It works!!! I have come to love the food. love the people, love the plan. So today went out with my fitness coach, her mom and another friend- needless to say they are breathtakingly beautiful women. After lunch (salmon power bowl, cooked dry with JC dressing - about 400 calories). We went to the Vegan bakery where I ate zilcho. (and was not tempted... Afterwards - I bought this new dress. I barely own a dress. I do not wear them. Well I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Man it is sooo refreshing to be able to wear clothes like these. Or even shopping in a regular size store.






IMG_0033 (2).jpg

IMG_0034 (2).jpg


You Tube Fitness Videos

So some of you know I have been working out at my fitness class I take (Orange Theory) but tonight I was inspired by SFMOM who was dancing at home. So I searched for dance videos... and found one that is a little Silly - but got  me up off my chair and sweating - and not heading right to dessert and bed.


So I think I will see if I can keep this up for 7 days. So this is the 7 days of you tube videos... None of them are my videos... and I have a bunch that I love that  really work you out that i have posted on the JC Forum. My intention here are gentle videos - that stress having fun - rather than a million squats... as I do those in my class. OK I could do more... but never mind.



CIZE Dance Video _ Shawn T

Day 1:: https://youtu.be/tj9d6aBOzDo

6/25 - It was a bit silly - but by the end of 30 minutes I was sweating. And if you are ever depressed or have any issues - working out always helps. You may not want to do it - but you never ever finish and say jeez I wish i didn't do that.

6/29 - Day 2 - Did the next CIZE Dance video it was fun. Not much of a workout for me - but a good way to breakup the day and step away form my desk and pc work.


21 Day Fix

Well lets dance turned into lets see what else Beachbody has - and so now I have just completed day 3 of 21 Day Fix. An outstanding workout program. Really making me work, but with modification I can do. Its available to buy DVDs or just use use the app or website - beachbodyondemand.(for a monthly fee). 

6/30 Day 4 - Pilates (Think planks and leg lifts) it was what they call an active rest day - but leg exercises are hard. Imagine if I did them al these years (I did not).




Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So life is soooo good. I just spent Sun eve thru This morning on a work trip in Toronto. FANTASTIC.   I loved running and sightseeing... Fantastic city. Glad to be home.. and looking forward  to being home and staying more on track with jenny. I did ok while away - but kind of like being back.


Anyway great trip...





Toronto 1.jpg

toronto 2.jpg

toronto 3.jpg

toronto 4.jpg

toronto 5.jpg

toronto 6.jpg


Day 333

Just decided to count my Days  (ok google did that for me)... and we are here at Day 333. 2 days from my birthday. What a fantastic present. I can tuck in a shirt. Priceless!!!!  I am so very happy I went to Jenny. I am definitely my thinnest ever. I buy size small. Whaaat? Bought a jean jacket to where on my date (yes date) next week. Oh wait the point is I bought it at Banana Republic (Which for the record I could not fit into their clothes 333 days ago) and it's a size small. It might be on the smaller side.. but my workouts at OrangeTheory seem to make you smaller - so I think it's fine.


Anyway I am so thrilled with Day 333. I played golf (shot a 98 which was ok considering I have not been focusing on golf lately), had lunch with my golf partner - big salad - no cheese or croutons, Added Ahi Tuna, and brought the new JC Creamy Herb Dressing (45 cals) and added some healthy anchovies and avocado.


Then had my nails done (for the aforementioned date - red toes, French nails)


Now home had my snack off to shower and try on work outfits and date outfits. Have to see what fits for work outfits.   I do not get tired of outfits. I am still shocked very day with how I look. You think I would be getting used to it.. nope!


OK Well.. just wanted to share Day 333.....






Should I be used to this? Went away this weekend to my cousins graduation and made a mad dash to Chicos to find a white t-shirt to put with Black pants.. But alas I bought a ton of stuff. First off - I remember when I could not fit into Chicos. Did you know they have a size 00? say What? (I had 00 jeans on...) Anyway I purchased a bunch of clothes in size 0. Wow... So if you have not shopped Chico's size 0 is not a true size 0... it's more like a Size 6 or on the smaller side of a size 8.


Anyway -  I feel like one day i was thrilled to get into the 190s... and then 180s... and now here I am in the 140s at goal. Some of the new shape has to be due to my new workout (a class where I do 30 minutes High Intensity cardio and 30 means weights or body weigh stuff).  So through jenny craig and adding some healthy exercise - I arrived here at goal. I never imagined goal would be a size 6. My sister and I went dress shopping for another cousin's upcoming wedding... And it was clear I needed a size 6 dress. woo hoo.. so thrilling, I know I must sound insane. Like - some of you - just skip the blog because enough already, Sue we get it your thin.   but for the newbies.. I swear this program works. It is 85% Food and 15% exercise. The biggest issue I face is food.. and Jenny has helped me with that!! As I am in maintenance - yup this is where a lot of work begins.

I am taking it slowly. I do meals on my own and Jenny foods  so it's a mix. I feel so satisfied with the JC food that I tend to stick to it.. I am branching out and will do more and more MOMOs with the help of the forum and the help of my JC counselor...


Anyway, I read alot of people complaining about the slow loss ( I bet I was one of them back in the day).. And the forum gang were here to tell me - it's ok.. You Got This!! And slow and steady wins the race. I definitely won the race!And there's room for all of you in the Winner's Cirlce! Am I glad the weight loss was slow? I think the answer is yes. It's helping me stick with it... eat the right amount of foods and learn portion sizes. So i am glad it is off. I am sooo glad I joined jenny. Every day I put on a workout outfit and I am astounded I get to look like this! YAY JENNY!!! Thank you forum friends - You all are wonderful..


My cousin's graduation was very nice! He was glad my sister and I flew there (DC) to attend. I'm very glad to be back home..


Anyway thought I would share my new Chicos outfit.. I also bought the pants in black. Love them




Sue with Hoippo III.jpg


Wokout clothes are

so much fun!!!  You get sucked in.. and end up buying these outfits... And if you have just lost 60 pounds... well that's my excuse. I actually love my new fitness class... and so grateful to Jenny Craig for 60+ pounds off my body!!



Sue 5 22 2017.jpg


Lost 2.4 Lbs!!! Jenny Craig Rocks!

Yippeee.... So I am trying to get to goal... and now it is .8 lbs away. I lost 2.4 lbs this week. Ok so I lost 0 last week - but even 1.2 lbs per week this close to goal is very exciting!


Jenny Craig is an awesome plan!!!


If you are considering it - Just do it. If you have lapsed.... so...come on back!! You got this! Chocolate Lava cake awaits.



I have been working out at a gym I adore (Orange Theory Fitness). (Note: You don't have to workout to be on Jenny - Physical Activity helps!!! And it's great for  you - but most of my issue is around food and well I was pretty out of shape so I'd like to get in shape... ) The concept is - you go for an hour and get cardio and weights in with a coach telling you when to run at Base pace, when to push it up and when to run all out (or walk, or bike, or elliptical). Then I do weights or squats or rower - more exercises they lead you through.


The people are great - and I look forward to it. This week twice I went twice a day. It kept me from snacking on veggies before my meals (somewhat) also kept me away form a bar drinking a glass of wine or two for happy hour - hence the reason I went twice.


It helps that I am in a weight loss competition at the gym that ends in 1 week or 2. I can't possibly win - but I wanted to be supportive.. and hitting my goal would be a win in my book.

I am always looking to meet new people - working form home makes it a bit hard. So this helps as well.


Anyway - So excited to lose weight and be near goal.


I am thinking of entering the JC contest - need to get a good picture of me and my consultant. We took one today - but it's boring. I think I will wear a dress, get hair done etc.


Anyway - here I am at the center (after golf). Behind me is my consultant's office. I know all the consultant's there - and we have fun every time I go in to visit/// Its like my own fan club, My mom also goes to Jenny... So they know my family - and are proud of my mom (as am I).








Sue's Muffin Review

OK So they were ok - by no means were the muffins (see prior blog entry) the same as Jordan Marsh Muffins circa 1970 (and 250 calories each, according to the recipe I posted in My Fitness Pal. I made the recipe using Emily Bites muffin recipes - based with oatmeal. I swapped out the sugar for Truvia baking Blend and they landed at about 80 calories.  I took 2 frozen muffins out of freezer into fridge last night, popped them in micro for about a minute and had them with coffee. A lite breakfast - and t's weigh in day. So that was good. they tasted a bit like oatmeal and not at all like Jordan Marsh's Blueberry muffins. (http://www.cooks.com/recipe/lk2p15t8/jordan-marsh-blueberry-muffins.html) So growing up in Boston those were a big to do!


My go to breakfast (I am a quantity eater) Is 4 egg whites (196 grams) for the container - cooking spray, 1 tbsp parmesan (or try nutritional yeast maybe next time) and butter spray on the Lite Thomas muffin... and my 2 oatmeal bite muffins were just 1) small and 2) sort of dietetic....


Here's the thing - I bet I could have a nice smallish 250 calorie muffin and still have said where's the rest of breakfast? so my vote is for the eggs. But I have 5 more servings in freezer and will have them when I want warm muffins and coffee


Had i followed her recipe to a T and used light brown sugar - no doubt they would have been a lot tastier. But maybe I don't need them to be too exciting and scrumptious. I have a food addiction - and I let it out of the cage during me meals... and I have chocolate lava cake for dessert - maybe it's good not to go too overboard at breakfast and stick to less exciting food.. hmmm.. but well to me a huge omelette is exciting.


Anyhow - that's enough contemplation for one day - off to get weighed in and look for a dress to wow them on my next business trip. Ah the thin life!









Success!!!  I followed the recipe more or less - I substituted 1/6 cup Truvia Baking blend instead of light brown sugar, and blueberries instead of peaches.. but alas made the Emily Bites Muffins.. I calculate about 80 calories each with my sugar replacement. Going to have two for breakfast one of these days - or even out on the golf course. 


Victory - I made them and did not snack on them!!!








Today I am a BadA$$

So every day I discard, giveaway or put in the upstairs closets outfits that are too big. It's an adventure. So after my workout class - I basically am likely in for the day... Anyway I felt like I was putting on a costume. 1) wear clothes that are just so small.... 2) wear eye liner etc..  mean I am at home today literally working at computer. So anyway - with no further ado.. I bring you BadA$$ sue with a message of peace. Oh and today I am in solidarity with @Crayola64we are not eating mindlessly between our meals.. no extra veggies for me.... no snacking endlessly - today it is planned and it will happen - I will get to eat! Just not while cooking my meals.  So I dressed up today and will have fun looking like  a thin person.. who knows maybe Mr right will come to my door? Or i will be meet him somewhere?




And lets put this in perspective of where I have been.... High School ( Boarding School - all girls) graduation picture... A sad sad day - who tells a severely overweight kid to wear white?? that is actually cruel. Maybe I should write a letter to the school...





sue alone prep.jpg


Sue Wore A Dress

So one of my favorite stores is Dress Barn... I grew up in a family that would only shop in Bloomingdales.. so this is quite a controversial move.. but I just love the dresses and clothes that I think thin people wear!!! I have a pair of their Signature Fit shorts on now :)


So I picked out a ridiculous dress, in a ridiculous size... and wore it to see my client in Houston yesterday.   So without further ado....


ue in polkadots.jpg